Clam Chowder

This is recipe put together to use canned clams bought at Costco. It all went together quickly and turned out good. This is a fairly light recipe. You can make it richer by using more butter and using whole milk.

The Recipe

  1. Boil till soft in soup pot:

  2. Saute till onions and garlic are well cooked:

  3. Add to above and heat (but don't cook longer than that):

  4. Make a white sauce soup base (I'm not sure of the exact measurements I used): Heat oil, stir in flour to make a paste and cook a minute. Stir in milk a little at a time. If it is lumpy you can whir it all in the blender (like I did) till you get out the lumps. Cook till it thickens a little. Don't let it boil very much.

  5. Season with:

  6. Mix all the above with the cooked potato and heat just to almost boiling.

Variations I might try some time

  1. Use chicken broth instead of water for cooking the potatoes.
  2. Olive oil would probably work fine instead of canola oil.

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