Frozen Grapes

I eat lots of these in the summer. They cool you right down. If someone is handy to help with the freezing process, enlist their services; it's fun and fast with a helper.

Warning: frozen grapes can be addicting.

The Recipe

  1. Use sweet, seedless grapes, green or red.
  2. Remove grapes from stems.
  3. Wash well and drain in a collander.
  4. Lay out flat on clean dry dish towel.
  5. Blot them dry with another clean towel. (They don't have to be perfectly dry, just get most of the water off.)
  6. Put in a ziplock freezer bag.
  7. Freeze. (Might take a day or two if bag is big and full.)
  8. When you are ready to eat them: Put a cup or so of the frozen grapes in a small bowl and eat while they are still frozen.
Important: Don't let them completely thaw before they are eaten. Otherwise they'll be soft and soggy and yucky. The point is to eat them while they are still frozen or just barely starting to thaw.

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