Raspberry Sauce

This is delicious on Mildred's Chocolate Roll.

The Recipe


  1. If you wish to strain the seeds from the raspberries you can do it now by mashing the raspberries through a fine seive. (You can do it at the end if you prefer, but I think it's a little easier to do it before it is cooked.)
  2. Stir together raspberries and sugar in sauce pan.
  3. Mix water and cornstarch in a small bowl and stir till smooth then add to raspberries in pan.
  4. Cook over medium/low heat, stirring often, til the raspberries have cooked down and the sauce is thickened. This will take 7-10 minutes.
  5. You can seive out the seeds at this point if you haven't already done so. It's also fine to leave the seeds in. Of course, the sauce has a very different consistency with and without seeds.

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